Stratford Board of Education

Board of Education (2013 - 2015)

(Front Row:  Jancee Pust-Marcone, Superintendent Janet Robinson, Theresa Sheehy, and Andrea Veilleux, Board Chair.  Back Row:  Clarence Zachery, Chief Operating Officer, Chris Barnaby, Jim Feehan, Robert Chaloux, and Leonard Petruccelli)


The Stratford Board of Education

2013 - 2015  (Board Chair, Andrea Veilleux)
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Board Officers: Andrea Veilleux, Chair -  Robert Chaloux, Vice Chair - Jancee Pust-Marcone, Secretary
Board Members: Chris Barnaby, Jim Feehan, Leonard Petruccelli, Terri Sheehy

The Stratford Board of Education meets every fourth Monday of the month in accordance with Board Rules & Regulations with the exception of holidays and school vacations. The Board consists of seven members, each of whom shall be an elector of the town and shall be elected at a regular town election for a four-year term commencing one month after the date of his/her election.

The Board of Education shall provide the best instructional conditions possible in Stratford.  In the determination of policy, the Board shall strive at all times to practice intelligent economy through securing a maximum of educational returns for every dollar spent.  The Board has the power and responsibility to discharge any duty imposed by law upon it or upon the district of which it is the Board of Education.

The Board shall concern itself only with broad questions of policy and matters as determined by law.  The Board shall rely upon the Superintendent of Schools to recommend policies for adoption and to administer policies enacted by the Board.  Such policies shall be broad enough to indicate a line of action to be taken by the Superintendent in meeting a number of problems and jobs.  Application of such policies to individual problems and jobs is an administrative detail to be performed by the Superintendent.

The following goals reflect a commitment on the part of the Stratford Board of Education to provide for the diverse needs, interests, and abilities of the students in its public schools.  All staff members are accountable for maintaining an environment that promotes the total growth and development of each learner.

Stratford Board of Education
District Goals