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ALP (Advanced Learning Program):
Goals and Objectives
Identification and Selection
Stratford Public Schools
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Goals and Objectives


        Goals and Objectives for Advanced Learners in the Stratford Public Schools


Program services for Advanced Learners in the Stratford Public Schools will address the specific learning needs of students identified with advanced learning ability. To do so it will:


  1. Provide a variety of appropriate types and levels of acceleration and enrichment in grades 4-8 that are based on students’ learning needs.


(a)    Objective 1: Using the Advanced Learning Identification/Selection procedures, select the top 10 % of total number of students in Grade 3 using the predetermined assessments and weighting. The top thirty of those selected will enter the Advanced Learning Program at Stratford Academy (Grades 4-6). These students will then become, if eligible, part of the Advanced Honors section for Math at Wooster Middle School (Grades 7-8). Students will be placed in the Honors sections for all other middle school core subjects.


(b)   Objective 2: Develop a plan and provide the elementary ALP and Wooster Middle School Honors Program teachers the opportunity to communicate about the students transitioning from the Academy to Wooster. In addition, develop a plan and provide the Wooster Honors Program teachers with opportunities to communicate about the students transitioning to Stratford or Bunnell High Schools.


  1. Provide all students with learning experiences at an appropriate level of challenge based on assessment data.


(a)    Objective 1: Provide all district teachers ongoing professional development and coaching based on data collection of assessments, including teachers of students with advanced learning ability.


(b)   Objective 2: Provide, when available, opportunities for professional development for ALP and Honors Program teachers. This PD should enhance all aspects of teaching the advanced learner.


  1. Design, develop, and implement high-quality curriculum that is supported by research models appropriate for advanced learners.


(a)  Objective 1: Assess curriculum quality using the National Gifted Education Standards.


  1. Ensure that the curriculum for advanced learners is aligned with and extends the regular curriculum.


  1. Ensure that the advanced learner has access to Pupil Personnel support staff to meet his/her social and emotional needs using a systematic approach that develops talent, maximizes learning, and promotes positive adjustment.


      (a)  Objective 1: Develop a plan and provide teachers, guidance staff, and other related professionals strategies that meet the unique affective needs of advanced learners and provide appropriate intervention, as required.


  1. Future goal: The Advanced Learning Program Committee encourages the development of an enrichment program in all elementary schools. This next tier of services will address the needs of advanced learners not attending the Advanced Learning Program at Stratford Academy. The Committee recommends the following timeline:


(a)    Fall, 2009 - Research best practice for enrichment programs.


(b)   November, 2009 - Assemble Committee to develop proposal.


(c)    December, 2009 - Proposal to Curriculum Committee in time for budget recommendation (taking into account fiscal constraints).

Person Responsible: Assistant Superintendent



Approved by the Stratford Board of Education – June 22, 2009

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