Stratford Board of Education

High School - Gr. 9-12

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Mathematics and Science Curriculum will be posted on the new district web site.


Advanced Art (not currently available) Drawing
Advanced Placement Studio Art (not currently available) Fine Arts I
Advanced Web Design and Flash Animation Fine Arts II
Advertising Art/Graphic Design Independent Study (Curriculum will be designed to meet the specific needs of the student.)
Ceramics Independent Study (Semester) (Curriculum will be designed to meet the specific needs of the student.)
Crafts I (not currently available) Photography
Crafts II (not currently available) Sculpture
Design  Web Design and Digital Art


Connecticut Career & Technical Education Performance Standards & Competencies

Accounting 1 Microsoft Office/Computer Applications
Accounting 2 Personal Finance 1
Business Law Personal Finance 2: Investing & The Stock Market
Honors, Business & Finance Web Design/E-Commerce 1 & 2
Introduction to Business Management  
Health & Medical Careers 2  

English/Language Arts

American Experience Honors English 2
Annual Writing and Editing 1, 2 English 3
Annual Writing and Editing 3 Honors Journalism 1
AP Language (UCONN ECE) Journalism 2
AP Literature (UCONN ECE) Journalism 3
Creative Writing 1 Journalism 4 Honors
Creative Writing 2 Poetry & Music
Creative Writing 3 Public Speaking & Activism
Creative Writing 4 (Honors) Reading
Dystopias & Utopias in Literature & Life Sports Literature/Sports Journalism
English 1 Visual Images

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

ESOL American History, Part 1 ESOL English 3
ESOL American History, Part 2  
ESOL English 1  
ESOL English 2  

Family Consumer Science

 Connecticut Career & Technical Education Performance Standards & Competencies

Bakeshop 1 & 2 Human Development 1
Early Childhood Education: Educational Theory 1 Human Development 2
Early Childhood Education: Educational Theory 2 Introduction to Individual & Family Development
Exploring Culinary Arts 1 & 2 Introduction to Culinary Arts


Health 9 Health & Medical Careers 3 & 4
Health 12 Introduction to Health & Medical Careers
Health & Medical Careers 2 Pre-Nursing


 Algebra 1  Common Core Math Support
 Algebra 2  Geometry
 AP Calculus AB  Integrated Mathematics
 AP Calculus BC  Pre-Calculus
 AP Statistics  SAT/College Prep
 Calculus Honors  Statistics
 College Algebra  Trigonometry


 Advanced Theater Arts & Vocal Production Music Theory
AP Music Theory Select Choir
Concert Band String Ensemble
Concert Choir Theater Arts and Vocal Production
Introduction to the Guitar  Wind Ensemble
Introduction to the Piano   

Physical Education

Fitness 9 Physical Education (as space permits)
 Physical Education Project Adventure (Optional PE Requirement)


AP/UConn ECE Biology  Conceptual Physics
 AP/UConn ECE Chemistry Environmental Science 
AP/UConn ECE Physics 1  Forensic Science 
AP/UConn ECE Physics 2  Human Anatomy and Physiology 
Biodiversity  Physics 
Biology  Physics Honors 
Biology Honors  Practical Chemistry 
Chemistry  Studies in Science 
Chemistry Honors   

Social Studies

American Economy  Foreign Policy Honors
American Experience - Honors Psychology
AP Psychology Sociology
AP United States History United States History Survey
Civics World Studies
Foreign Policy  

Technology Education

Connecticut Career & Technical Education Performance Standards & Competencies

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Introduction to Engineering Design
Advanced Transportation Technology  Introduction to Video Game Design
Advanced Video Production Introduction to Manufacturing Technology 
Computer Aided Drafting & Design Introduction to Transportation Technology 
Digital Electronics Manufacturing Technology
Engineering Design & Development Honors PLTW - Middle School Gateway to Technology
Game Design 1  Principals of Engineering Honors
Game Design 2 (Honors)  Transportation Technology 
Introduction to Architecture & Engineering 1 Video Production 1
Introduction to Architecture & Engineering 2  Video Production 2

World Language

French 1 Latin 3 Honors
French 2 Latin 4 Honors 
French 2 Honors Spanish 1
French 3 Spanish 2
French 3 Honors Spanish 2 Honors
French 4 Honors Spanish 3
French 5 AP  Spanish 3 Honors
Latin 1 Spanish 4
Latin 2  Spanish 4 Honors
Latin 2 Honors  Spanish 5 AP
Latin 3