Stratford Board of Education


The concept of school-business partnerships originated in 1983 and, since that time, hundreds of thousands of such relationships have been established across the United States.

Numerous studies have indicated the youth of our nation lack many of the necessary skills to enter the work force. Therefore, businesses, large and small, have much to gain by changing those statistics.  The young people of today are the voters, legislators and business leaders of tomorrow.

Stratford's Business Education Support Team developed from a Stratford Chamber Board of Directors' retreat held in the fall of 1987.  The Board understood the need to work closely with the Town's educational system to establish a sense of community and mutual understanding to benefit both business and education.

Stratford's BEST is a voluntary relationship between the private sector and the school district.  Partnerships are produced through the sharing of knowledge, experience and resources.

A commitment to Quality Education by the Stratford Chamber of Commerce and the Stratford Public Schools