Stratford Board of Education

Mini-Grant Program

The MINI-GRANT PROGRAM is one of the very first programs that the BEST Committee developed. It consists primarily of grants from local businesses and organizations, and even some individuals, and makes possible special innovative and outstanding projects which otherwise would not be funded.

The Program is designed to promote exemplary performance by teachers through direct support of their classroom efforts and to encourage the development of programs that enrich and enhance the education of Stratford children, providing them with meaningful and memorable learning experiences.

These grants are designated by each sponsor toward a specific curriculum area and range anywhere from $50 on up to $2,500, with the largest far surpassing what would be considered "mini." It is a very popular program, with many grants received each year, so many, in fact, that it has become general procedure to present these grants at the beginning of each of the Committee's monthly meetings throughout the school year.

A commitment to Quality Education by the Stratford Chamber of Commerce and the Stratford Public Schools.

To view the awarded grants, click on the Mini-Grants & Recipients page, on the left side of the screen.