Stratford Board of Education

Partnership Benefits

Benefits for Schools

  • Provides new resources and ideas
  • Lends a broader base of support and awareness
  • Improves teacher morale through new challenges and recognition
  • Provides job awareness and opportunities
  • Promotes greater awareness of the relationship between academic skills and career paths
  • Increases self-confidence and pride in achievement
  • Encourages student leadership
  • Provides technical assistance and expertise
  • Helps develop good social and communication skills, work attitudes and problem solving abilities
  • Teaches the American way of doing business

Benefits for Business

  • Stresses the critical need for qualified workers in the job market
  • Fosters greater public awareness and knowledge of business and industry
  • Provides positive publicity
  • Improves community image and recognition
  • Unifies goals of business and education
  • Boosts employee morale
  • Makes a commitment to excellence in education
  • Provides a better understanding of the educational process
  • Encourages potential employees
  • Allows a cost efficient method for community involvement

A commitment to Quality Education by the Stratford Chamber of Commerce and the Stratford Public Schools