Stratford Board of Education

GED Preparation

(For Stratford Residents Only)

English/Reading and Math

This program is designed for those individuals who have not achieved the equivalent of an 8th grade education. Emphasis will be placed on basic reading skills, vocabulary development, correct English usage, writing and basic math to provide a foundation to enter a high school completion program. Placement appraisal scores will be used for student scheduling.


Placement appraisal scores will be used for those who qualify. The following GED test areas will be reviewed: writing skills, mathematics, literature and arts, science and social studies. Test taking techniques will also be addressed. The GED Practice Test will be used for student to recognize their readiness to take the official GED Test.

Evening programs are held at Stratford High School. They are FREE and for Stratford residents only.
Daytime classes will be held at Sterling House on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

Date of Birth (from Driver License, State of CT Identification Card, Passport or Official Birth Certificate) and proof of Stratford Residency must be provided upon registration.  Click on the Community Calendar for registration dates, times and requirements.  Childcare is not available.