Stratford Board of Education

Music Department

Frank Scott Bunnell High School (203) 385-4250

Mr. Jim  Miller (Instrumental) - [email protected]

Ms. Keleen Lewkewich (Vocal) - [email protected]

Stratford High School (203) 385-4230

Dr. Mark Ryan (Instrumental) - [email protected]

Mr. Jeffrey Leinen (Vocal) - [email protected]

Mrs. Janice Hooton-Racine (Strings) - [email protected]

Harry B. Flood Middle School (203) 385-4280

Mr. Richard Nelson (Instrumental) - [email protected]

Mrs. Laura Coletti (Vocal) - [email protected]

Ms. Rebecca Corcoran (Strings) - [email protected]

David Wooster Middle School (203) 385-4275

Mr. Steven Farrell (Instrumental) - [email protected]

Mrs. September Baraquin (Vocal) - [email protected]

Ms. Rebecca Corcoran (Strings)  [email protected]

Nichols Elementary School (203) 385-4294

Ms. Mallory Legman (Instrumental) - [email protected]

Stratford Academy Honeyspot House (203) 385-4188

Mr. Kenneth Trapp (General) - [email protected]

Stratford Academy Johnson House (203) 385-4180

Mr. Kenneth Trapp (General) - [email protected]

Mr. John Pioli (General) - [email protected]

Mrs. Janice Hooton-Racine (Instrumental) - [email protected]

Mrs. Erin Mena (Strings) - [email protected]

Lordship Elementary School (203) 385-4170

Mr. Jonathan Garcia (Instrumental) - [email protected]

Mr. John Pioli (General and Chorus) - [email protected]

Franklin Elementary School (203) 385-4190

Mr. Michael Roth (General and Chorus) - [email protected]

Ms. Mallory Legman (General and Instrumental) [email protected]

Second Hill Lane Elementary School (203) 385-4292  

Mrs. Colleen Cooney (General and Chorus) - [email protected]

Mr. Jeffrey Babey (Instrumental) - [email protected]

Mrs. Erin Mena (General) - [email protected]

Mr. Michael Roth (General) - [email protected]

Eli Whitney Elementary School (203) 385-4198

Mr. Jonathan Garcia (Instrumental) - [email protected]

Mrs. Carrie Lugo (General and Chorus) - [email protected]

Chapel Street Elementary School (203) 385-4192

Mrs. Margaret Dennis (General and Chorus) - [email protected]

Ms. Joseph Ushcak (General and Instrumental) - [email protected]

Mr. Michael Roth (General) - [email protected]

Wilcoxson Elementary School (203) 385-4196

Mrs. Christine Chan (General and Chorus) - [email protected]

Ms. Mallory Legman (Instrumental) - [email protected]