Stratford Board of Education

2017-18 budget process

Posted on by Dr. Janet Robinson

After the Stratford Board of Education finance committee spent 7 budget workshop meetings delving into the projected education budget for next year, they approved moving that forward to the Board of Education.  There the "itemized estimate of expenditures" must be approved to send to the town for the Mayor and Town Council to approve as is, or to make whatever changes they deem appropriate.  A vote on the proposed budget was tabled last Monday night and will be reconsidered during a BOE Finance committee meeting Monday night, and possibly approved at a special BOE meeting next Tuesday night, March 7. 

Over the course of the last 3 1/2 years, we have strategically worked to improve our curriculum and instruction.  We have the advantage of having truly caring and committed teachers and administrators, but we have needed to bring up to date training to the district and build the capacity of all our educators to deal with the current best practices.  We have begun and continue to work on rigorous curriculum and to change our instruction to actively engage our students in learning that is meaningful and challenges their thinking.

What is gratifying is that we are now seeing the results of our work.  The STAR assessments from this midyear show growth and in some cases, tremendous growth.  Our expectations are high and we intend to continue on this growth path as we stay focused on this mission.

Also gratifying is the recognition that is coming to some of our schools and educators.  This year alone, we have the Connecticut Elementary and Secondary Assistant Principals of the Year, the Middle School Science Teacher of the Year, the Connecticut School Climate Award at Wooster, and a finalist for Principal of the Year.  We also have 4 schools that just received the Schools of Distinction Award.  So, we know we have not reached the level of student achievement that is our goal, but the recognition that the Stratford Schools is receiving reaffirms that our work is beginning to pay off.