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Stratford Public Schools Strategic Planning

Posted on by Dr. Janet Robinson

This is always a super busy time of the year in schools, and probably for all of you at home also.  We have had a smooth start to the year with a number of new families moving in and all of us adjusting to new friends and new learning.  We welcome all of our new families and hope that you are experiencing our Stratford hospitality.  It is not easy to adjust anytime you make a move, but many of our new families are coming from out of state and out of country.  So we recognize how difficult this move might be.  Since all of us in this district want your children to be successful, please let us know how to assist with your transitions.

As we are dedicated to doing the best for our students, we have embarked upon our Strategic Planning process for a new 5 year plan.  This plan should be the guide for important decisions the district must make for the next 5 years, while still allowing flexibility for unexpected events.  After all, no one can really predict the impact the emerging technologies might have.

Stakeholders,including students, representing our community volunteered their time this past weekend to meet Friday night and all day Saturday to begin the work of the Strategic Plan.  We will meet again in January, after which several action teams will work on building out the actions to meet our goals.  A meeting at the end of May, or the beginning of June, is when we will finalize our plans and take them to the Board of Education for approval.  We expect to be accountable for the goals that are set and will report our status to the Board of Education on a regular basis.  You will be able to see our Strategic Plan after it is finalized on our website.  We welcome your comments.