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Team News: What Happens The First Day?


Students should know which team they are assigned to by the first day - if you don't know, call the main office at 203-385-4275. All 7th graders hang out in the morning by the door closest to the drop-off loop and basketball court. (It's to the left of the front of the building when facing the main doors.) Teachers will let you in, and you'll proceed to the auditorium, where your homeroom teacher will pick you up and bring you to your homeroom.

Students do NOT have to bring in all their supplies on the first day. A pen, maybe a folder and/or notebook, and your lunch or money to buy lunch is needed. Your teachers will let you know when to bring in your supplies for their class, and they will help you to set up your binder and notebooks.

**For a list of the updated 2016-2017 7th grade supply list, CLICK HERE.

In homeroom on the first day, you will learn about our Make Your Day Program, which is a little different from last year. You will learn how to open your locker, get your schedule, learn where your classes are, and eat in the cafeteria for the first time! On Friday, September 2, you will be going to all your classes for the first time, and each teacher will tell you what to bring to their class and what they expect.

If you have any questions or concerns about the first day, PLEASE EMAIL MRS. ANDERSEN, the team leader and science teacher, and she will get back to you.

Her email is: andersent@stratfordk12.org

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