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Homework Tips for Parents

  1. Keep in touch with the teachers to be fully aware of the quantity and the quality of the homework turned in.
  2. Set a schedule, including both a beginning and an ending time.
  3. Encourage your child to divide the homework assignment into "What I can do myself" and "What I need help with." You should help only with that part of the homework your child cannot do independently, such as using flashcards and clarifying assignments. This builds responsibility and independence in your child.
  4. Hold off on watching TV and other fun activities until homework is completed.
  5. Provide a home study center for your child with adequate light and few distractions. If your child concentrates better with "white noise" (music), provide that help. Also, a dictionary, paper, pens, etc., should be readily available.
  6. Use direct praise for doing the homework and even more for accomplishment.
  7. Be available when your child is doing homework, so that you can answer a question if there is confusion. If possible, it is better for you to be in another room, so you are easily accessible and yet not a distraction.
  8. Look over the homework when it is completed. Do not correct it unless you have checked with the teacher. Seeing the pattern of errors is often helpful to a teacher.
  9. Study groups are often a good strategy. Your child may benefit from studying with one or two classmates. However, make sure they are using the time to study.
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