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Meeting Rules and Information

Public Speaking Form

Regular meetings of the Board of Education are held on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:15 p.m. The meetings are held in the Board of Education meeting room at the Administration Center Building, 1000 East Broadway or at a school designated at the time announcement is made prior to the meeting. All regular and special meetings of the Board will be open to the public. Meetings are closed to the public only for executive sessions to discuss matters that should be confidential by their very nature. All action, however, is to be taken in public session.Public Participation at Board of Education Meetings

  1. A period shall be reserved at every regular meeting (during the public participation of the meeting) for public comments.
  2. Any person who wishes to address the Board shall sign a Public Speaking Form available in the Board meeting room before the start of the meeting; each person shall indicate his/her name, address and subject on which they wish to speak. Speakers will be called upon by the Chairperson during the public participation of the meeting.
  3. No more than three minutes may be allotted to each speaker; however, once everyone has spoken, a citizen may be given the opportunity to speak again.
  4. Comments and questions at a regular meeting may deal with any topic related to the Board's conduct of the schools. Comments at special meetings must be related to the call of the meeting.
  5. Whenever a question(s) is directed to the Board as a whole, it shall be at the discretion of the Chair whether or not the Chairperson shall respond on behalf of the Board, or whether it is to be referred to the school administration. Such response shall be made in writing prior to the next scheduled meeting.
  6. The Board vests in its Chairperson the authority to terminate the remarks of any individual when they do not adhere to the rules established above. Whenever persons in attendance at a public meeting disrupt a meeting and order cannot be restored by the removal of those individuals causing the disruption, members of the Board may order the room cleared of all those in attendance. Authorized members of the press or news media who are not participating in the disturbance shall be allowed to remain. Once the room has been cleared, the meeting may continue but only items on the agenda may be considered.Persons appearing before the Board are reminded, as a point of information, that members of the Board are without authority to act independently as individuals in official matters. Thus, questions may be directed to individual Board Members, but answers must be deferred pending consideration of the full Board.