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Powers and Duties

Powers and Duties of the Board of Education

Section I Purpose
The Board of Education shall provide the best instructional conditions possible in Stratford. In the determination of policy, the Board shall strive at all times to practice intelligent economy through securing a maximum of educational returns for every dollar spent. The Board has the power and responsibility to discharge any duty imposed by law upon it or upon the district of which it is the Board of Education.

Section II Policy
The Board shall concern itself only with broad questions of policy and matters as determined by law. The Board shall rely upon the Superintendent of Schools to recommend policies for adoption and to administer policies enacted by the Board. Such policies shall be broad enough to indicate a line of action to be taken by the Superintendent in meeting a number of problems and jobs. Application of such policies to individual problems and jobs is an administrative detail to be performed by the Superintendent.

Section III
Duties The Board of Education shall:

  1. Employ an able and qualified Superintendent of Schools.
  2. Adopt policies to govern the operation of the school system.
  3. Maintain good public elementary and secondary schools and such other educational activities as in its judgment will best serve the interests of the Town, provided the Board may secure such opportunities in another town if it so desires and provided all children of the town shall have as nearly equal educational advantages as practicable.
  4. Develop a revolving 5 year Capital Improvement Plan that is submitted to the town as part of the budget cycle.
  5. Insure each child in the town between the ages of five and eighteen attend school in accordance with State law.
  6. Make available to each child in the town of school age and of suitable mental and physical condition, public day schools for the period required by law and provide for necessary transportation of children.
  7. Designate schools to be attended by the children within the town and arrange, when it so desires, with the Board of Education in an adjacent town for instruction of children who can attend school in the adjacent town more conveniently.
  8. Maintain and operate the interior of buildings, equipment, and other property used for school purposes.
  9. Employ and dismiss teachers of the schools subject to the provisions of Sec. 10-151.
  10. Prepare and present to the Town Council the annual school budget in accordance with State Statute.
  11. Attend all Board meetings insofar as possible, and be responsible for becoming informed of any and all issues coming before the Board, as well as being prepared to discuss and/or act upon all agenda items.
        • Perform all acts required of it by the Town and any other acts which will carry into effect the powers and duties imposed by law (Sec. 10-220)
        • Comply with the requirements of Chapter 170 of the State Statutes (Sec. 10-218, et seq.).
  12. Understand that Board members have no authority beyond that which is exercised at Board meeting(s), and no Board member shall lend the impression that he/she is speaking on the Board's behalf unless that authority has been so delegated.
  13. Individual Board members interested in visiting schools or classrooms in their official capacity will make arrangements for visitations through the Superintendent's Office. Such visits shall be regarded as informal expressions of interest in school affairs and not for supervisory or administrative purposes.
  14. Declare a conflict of interest when it arises and excuse them from related discussion and action on that issue; and shall
  15. Refrain from using their position on the Board for personal or partisan gain.