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Finance Sub-Committee

The Finance Committee reviews, discusses, and takes appropriate action regarding the financial operations of the Stratford Board of Education and Stratford Public Schools.

The Finance Committee also reviews, discusses, and takes appropriate action regarding the annual Itemized Estimate of Expenditures. In this instance, their purpose is to do the following:

  • To annually receive the Superintendent's proposed budget for the following year.
  • Hold public meetings and recommend changes in the budget.
  • Submit the budget to the Board for final approval, briefing the Board on its development and impact on the overall educational program.
  • To review the allocation of funds approved annually by the Town Council and to make recommendations to the Board for budget adjustments.
  • To make recommendations on methods of financial reporting for the Board.
  • To review changes in the operating budget that involve the reallocation of funds from one major category to another and recommend to the Board transfer of funds.
  • To consider the new items requiring Board approval and update the budget as required.
  • To keep the Board informed on school financial legislation.
  • To keep the public informed on the budget status at its monthly meetings and at other times as necessary.

The Finance Committee meeting regularly scheduled for Monday, March 23, 2020 has been CANCELLED due to an anticipated lack of a Quorum due to COVID-19 closures.