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Health & Physical Education Standards
  • Demonstrate competency in a variety of physical activities: dance, gymnastics, team and individual games, fitness, and outdoor and challenge pursuits.
  • Understand and apply principles of human movement to the learning and development of motor skills.
  • Utilize fitness and nutritional concepts to achieve and maintain a health enhancing level of physical fitness, and a physically active lifestyle.
  • Demonstrate responsible personal behavior and work cooperatively with others of diverse backgrounds in a physical activity setting.
  • Identify, understand, and value how physical activity provides personal enjoyment, challenge, and self-expression.
  • Demonstrate progress toward avoiding risk-taking activities that cause intentional and unintentional injuries or diseases (students will demonstrate first aid and safety techniques.)
  • Demonstrate progress toward learning accurate information about physical development, including human sexuality and mental and emotional health.
  • Demonstrate progress toward maintaining lifestyles that are free of tobacco, alcohol, and other non-medicinal drugs.