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Student Expectations

Demonstrate an understanding of concepts in order to make healthy lifestyle choices that will enhance their wellbeing.

Critical Elements
Wellness (Body)
Decision Making/Choices (Mind)
Cooperation, Teamwork & Community (Spirit)

Student consistently practices and improves wellness behaviors (i.e. physical, emotional, mental, social)

Student anticipates situations, options, and consequences to make healthy decisions for long term benefits.

Student is self-motivated; cooperative at all times, and peruses activities with others as well as with self.


Student demonstrates ability to plan and carryout a wellness program.

Student recognizes situations, option, and consequences for making healthy decisions.

Student is usually self-motivated, cooperative, and pursues activities with others.


Student sometimes demonstrates the ability to plan and carryout wellness behaviors.

Student sometimes demonstrates the ability to perceive situations, options, and consequences of decisions they face.

Student sometimes demonstrates self-motivation, cooperation, and participates in activities with others.


Student does not plan for or carryout a wellness program.

Student engages in risky behaviors regardless of the consequences.

Student is not self-motivated and shows little or no interest in cooperating with others.