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21st Century Skills Resource Information

New School-Wide Rubric Introduced - All high school courses in the Stratford Public Schools contain assessments which measure students’ abilities to locate, analyze, interpret, and communicate information as well as their ability to collaborate and solve problems logically. In addition, all high school courses are designed to provide students with multiple opportunities to learn and apply these 21st Century Skills in their visual, oral, and written work. To that effect, Bunnell HS has developed and will begin to implement school-wide rubrics which will be used to assess every student in every course. These rubrics guide our students to practice and master 21st Century Skills throughout their four high school years and provide a way for teachers to measure students’ mastery of these essential skills:
- Use of Real-World Digital and Other Research Tools;
- Work Independently and Collaboratively;
- Communicate Information Clearly and Effectively;
- Demonstrate Innovation, Flexibility, and Adaptability;
- Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluative Processes;
- Value and Demonstrate Personal Responsibility, Character, Cultural Understanding, and Ethical Behavior.

Click here to review the revised Bunnell HS School-Wide Rubric for 21st Century Skills for the 2012-2013 Academic Year.

Click here to review the Bunnell High School Expectations for Student Learning Matrix published in September, 2012.

In addition, parents are encouraged to watch the following video which details the 21st Century Learning Expectations represented in the matrix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aIOh-lxu-0