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School Committees

Climate Committee - Andrea Brace, Heather Martire, Becky Horan, Bob Studley, Melissa Signor, Carrie Tait, Jen Berkowitz, Barb Poisson, Jeanne McHugh, Michele Croteau, Jim Stein

Technology Committee - Jim Miller, Kathleen Hubler, Kim Kuhlenych, Donna Marino, Nancy Iddings, Chris Baron

Attendance Committee - Brian Adkins, Holly Motasky, Kathy Steglitz, Deb Cadley, Betsy Pinelli, Kyle Starkey, Mike Piroh, Nicola Kells, Tim Swaller, Mihaela Tunaru

EmPower Intervention Team - Alice Coleman, Vicki Priddle, Joe Carrino, Heather Lewsey, Brian Adkins, Betsy Pinelli, John Svatik, Betsy Hull

Professional Development Committee - Grace Braniff, Kristen Record, Angela Swanepoel, Dylan Connor

Safety Committee - Tony Gentile, Maria Bascom, Lori Keogh, Rachelle Pederson, Officer Tesla, Heather Lewsey, Patty Costa, Sean Mignone, Devin Moore, Luke Roberts, Karen Marino, Karen Gintant

Sunshine - Jeanne McHugh, Peggy Magdon, Vicki Priddle, Carrie Tait, and Carrie Gettings

Relay for Life - Debbie Cadley, Renee Rogers

Data Teams - Carrie Tait, Kathleen Hubler, Jennifer Record, Jim Stein, Betsy Pinelli

Looking at Student Work Facilitation Team - Heather Martire, Garrett Covino, Grace Braniff, Jim Ginand, Chris Koch, Sean Mignone, Jim Nuzzo, Nicole DeLuca, Lisa Ahlstrom-Nasry, Cristina Cedrone, Michelle Croteau, Vicki Priddle, Karen Marino

Scholarships and Awards - Vicki Priddle

LINK Crew - Kristen Chonko