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Eileen Kraus Scholarship

Award: $5,000

Eligibility: An outstanding female high school senior who intends to enroll in a college/university next year. Please visit: cwhf.org for application.

Deadline: February 15, 2018

The Girl Friends Inc. Scholarship

Award: $1,000 (2)

Eligibility: An African-American female senior who has a minimum 3.0 GPA (“B”), SAT of 1000 (math and reading) or ACT of 21 and will be pursuing a 2/4 year degree at a college or university.

Deadline: January 31, 2018


CASIA – Connecticut Alarm & Systems Integrators Association Scholarship

Award: $500 - $1,000

Eligibility: A high school senior graduating in the Class of 2018. He/she must be attending a college or university in the fall of 2018. Each student must have a parent/guardian who is a full-time paid employee of the Connecticut Police or Fire communities.

Deadline: March 12, 2018

Gary Desalvo Memorial Scholarship

Award: $1,000 (2)

Eligibility: A graduating high school senior from Fairfield County who is an active bowler and currently on a school bowling team, bowling league or school bowling club. The student must be entering a university, college or vocational school.

Deadline: March 2, 2018

Gettysburg STEM Scholarship

Award: unspecified

Eligibility: A senior interested in a STEM field (Biology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics. Visit: www.gettysburg.edu for information and application.

Deadline: January 15, 208

Ithaca College Scholarships

Awards: $7,000 - $25,000 (annually)

Eligibility: A high school senior planning on attending Ithaca College can apply for either the Leadership Scholar, MLK Scholar, or Park Scholar Program scholarships. Please visit: myithaca.edu

Deadline: 11/1/2017 – 1/15/2018

Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship
Award: up to $30,000 (for four years)

Eligibility: Be an underserved high school senior who plans on attending a four year college/university, has demonstrated record of community service, financial need, and SAT scores totaling 1000 or above (Math and Critical Reading). For online application go to; www.jackierobinson.org

Deadline: February 1, 2018

James L. & Genevieve H. Goodwin Memorial Scholarship

Award: unspecified

Eligibility: This scholarship is open to seniors with financial need who will be enrolled in a program majoring in silviculture or forest resource management.

Deadline: March 20, 2018

Janice Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund

Award: unspecified

Eligibility: A high school senior who will be attending a full-time four year college/university, has demonstrated leadership, 3.0 GPA or above and has demonstrated financial need (maximum income of $50,000)

Deadline: March 31, 2018

Knepler Memorial Scholarship Fund

Award: $250.00 (2)

Eligibility: A high school senior who has participated in Sterling House athletic programs as a player, coach or referee.

Deadline: April 30, 2018

Peter Ladd/Johnny Moran Memorial Scholarship

Award: $2500

Eligibility: A high school senior who will be attending a 2or 4 year college full time in the fall and have shown a commitment to the community through volunteer service, preferably with special needs individuals. For application go to: www.miracleleaguect.org/scholarship

Deadline: April 1, 2018

Ride-4-Justin Firefighters Scholarship, Inc.

Award: unspecified

Eligibility: The scholarship will be awarded based on volunteerism and will be given to firefighters, spouse, child or sibling of a firefighter. For more information/application go to: www.ride4justin.com .

Deadline: April 1, 2018

St. Patrick Scholarship

Award: $6,000 per year (4 years)

Eligibility: This scholarship is open to high school seniors (does not have to be of Irish ancestry), who has high academic achievement and extracurricular activities. Applications can be obtained in the Guidance office.

Deadline: April 23, 2018

The Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Award: unspecified

Eligibility: The student must be a high school senior planning on attending a college/university full-time in 2018-19, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher in a demanding course of study. Applicants should participate in community, school or work activities and must have financial need. For application (beginning December 2017) visit: www.phillips-scholarship.org

Deadline: April 3, 2018

Tompkins Cortland Community College – “Be One of Us” Scholarship

Award: in-state (NY) tuition

Eligibility: A student interested in attending Tompkins Cortland Community College, residing outside of New York State and willing to live on campus.

Deadline: rolling admission

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