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Unique Programs

  • AQUACULTURE SCHOOL – The Bridgeport Regional Vocational Aquaculture School offers students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to explore two separate areas: marine technology and marine science. The state of the art educational facility is located in Captain’s Cove. Students spend part of their school day at the facility where they receive instruction in marine-related science and technology courses. Transportation to and from Bunnell High School is provided. Acceptance into the school is achieved through an application and interview process. Enrollment is limited.
  • REGIONAL VOCATIONAL AGRISCIENCE PROGRAMS - This program, located at Trumbull High School, offers students instruction in the science of agriculture. Students attend Trumbull High School for grades 9-12 and graduate from Trumbull High School.
  • REGIONAL CENTER FOR THE ARTS – Instruction is offered in dance, theater, film and video, visual arts and music as part of an interdistrict, part-time magnet school. Students attend classes from 1:30 – 4:30 pm, Monday through Thursday. RCA is located in Trumbull, CT. Transportation is provided. Acceptance into the school is achieved through an application, interview and audition process.
  • CENTER FOR GLOBAL STUDIES – The Center is a regional program offered to students enrolled in high school in Fairfield County. Students study Chinese or Japanese languages, literature and culture for the year, culminating with a two-week trip to China/Japan where students are immersed in Chinese/Japanese culture. Students enrolled in this program attend Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk. Students earn credit towards their Bunnell High School diploma, but fulfill all course requirements at Brien McMahon High School. Transportation via train is provided by Norwalk school district. Acceptance into the program is granted through an application and interview process.
  • YALE WORLD LANGUAGE CO-OP – This program offers students an opportunity to study languages and cultures not available on site in the Stratford Public Schools. Courses at the basic level will introduce the fundamentals of listening, speaking, reading and writing. More advanced levels of language instruction are also available for those students in the second or third year of participation of Yale. Students study at Yale University one afternoon per week and will have full access to the Yale Language Library. Transportation to Yale and all related tuition costs are the responsibility of the student and parent. Acceptance into this program is by approval of the world Language Supervisor.
  • TECH PREP COURSES – Students enrolled in advanced courses in Early Childhood II, PC Tech II, Health & Medical Careers, Cisco lI/Cisco IV, Intro to CAD, Transportation, Technology II, Accounting I & ll, have the potential to earn college credit. Depending on the course of study, students can earn credit from Gateway Community Technical College. Ninth grade students interested in earning college credit in their junior and senior year should be aware of pre-requisites and make sure they register to take courses in their sophomore year which will fulfill these pre-requisites.
  • EARN CREDIT FOR VOLUNTEERISM - Students can earn high school credit for their time spent volunteering in the community. Students can earn ½ credit for 60 hours documented volunteer time. Students must complete a Civics course requirement as part of their volunteer hours in order for credit to appear on their transcript. Acceptance into this program is through enrollment in the Youth in the Community Project at Sterling House Community Center/ Bunnell Career Center.
  • JOB SHADOWING - Grade 10 students identify their career preferences and are matched with local businesses that agree to host the student for the day.
  • INTERNSHIP - Internship opportunities, paid and unpaid, are offered to juniors and seniors who want to gain experience and learn more about a particular career field. Students also earn ½ credit for 60 hours of internship site, which will complement their interest skills.
  • ACE MENTORING - This is an after school program for students interested in careers in architecture, constructing, or engineering. Students work with industry professionals on authentic projects designed to expose them to related careers and educational opportunities.