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Transcript Requests

Student Transcript Policy

  • 1.Student transcripts cost $3.00 and are payable by cash, money orders or checks (made payable to Bunnell High School).
  • 2.Official Transcripts will contain the Frank Scott Bunnell High School raised seal and are signed, in ink, by the principal of the high school.
  • 3.Unofficial Transcripts do not bear the Frank Scott Bunnell High School seal and are not signed. These will bear an unofficial copy stamp.
  • 4.A student/former student’s transcript will be released if:
    • The request is made in writing (no telephone or emails are accepted).
    • The request is accompanied by a completed, signed Transcript Request Form (pdf).
    • The request is made by the student/former student. Requests from a third party (i.e. Employer/University) will be processed only if written permission from the student/former student has been received.
    • A parent/legal guardian may request a transcript for his/her child.
  • 5.When requesting a high school transcript, please allow 3-5 business days for processing.
  • 6.Transcripts are typically mailed directly from Bunnell. If you need to meet a deadline, please stop by the main office between the hours of 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM, to pick up a copy in a sealed envelope.


Transcript Request Form (pdf.)

Contact Info

Phone: 203-385-4250

Fax: 203-381-2014

Call: Mrs. Laura O'Malley at 203-385-4250.

Mail Request to: Bunnell High School

1 Bulldog Blvd

Stratford, CT 06614