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Dismissal Procedure

August 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The safety of our students is our number one concern at Chapel. The afternoon dismissal can become quite dangerous for parents, students, and bus personnel if we do not have a safety system in place. In order to alleviate these safety issues, Chapel dismissal protocol will be as follows:

Walkers will be dismissed in one of two ways. If you would like to pick up your children in the Flood Middle School car loop, they will be dismissed from the front entrance and walked to the Flood loop where teachers will help load cars safely on the passenger side in order of arrival. If you prefer to park your car in a parking space in the Flood lot, you may walk to the first cafeteria door and pick up your child who will be waiting with teachers inside the cafeteria and dismissed to you at the door. Because of this dismissal procedure, it is important to notify the office or your child's teacher of your preferred method of pickup. No cars will be allowed in the loop in front of Chapel Street School after 2:30 pm. Some of our busses and vans arrive early and need to be off of Chapel Street for their safety and the safety of other drivers. Van students will be dismissed from the gym/specialist hallway and escorted to their respective vans.

Please remember, there is no parking in the loop itself. Flood Middle School dismissal is at 2:45 P.M., and no cars will be able to enter the loop during that time. By 3:00, their busses are gone and you may enter safely. We ask for your patience at dismissal time as we dismiss our students as quickly and safely as possible.


Dr. Carla Armistead - Principal

Mr. Eric Conrad, Assistant Principal