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Administrative Contacts

“WHO DOES WHAT?” List 2020-2021

Stratford Public Schools
1000 East Broadway Stratford, CT 06615
Phone: (203) 385-4210

Office: Superintendent - Phone: 385-4209
Dr. Uyi E. Osunde, Superintendent of Schools
Function: Administers the school system consistent with policies set by the Board of Education and State and federal legislation.

Office: Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum - Phone: 381-2016
Dr. Linda Gejda, Assistant Superintendent
Function: Assists the Superintendent oversees the curriculum department and assists the Superintendent in the administration of the school system.

Office: District Operations - Phone: 386-3149
Office: Transportation - Phone: 381-6915

Pamela Mangini, Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Function: Oversees all operations aspects of district and transportation.

Office: Technology - Phone: 381-6962
Edward Molloy, Director of Technology
Function: Oversees all functions of the IT department and facilities, integration of technology into the classroom, and data collection and management.

Office: Pupil Personnel Services - Phone: 385-4225
Heather Borges, Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Function: Oversees all pupil personnel services and special education programs and services, pre-K – 12, Medicaid reimbursements, special education grants, emergency preparedness and school nursing services.

Office: Human Resources - Phone: 385-4212
Cortney Brown, Director of Human Resources
Function: Oversees human resources functions and operations. Manages legal issues pursuant to contracts and collective bargaining. District Title IX Officer.

Office: Buildings/Maintenance - Phone: 385-4216
Rich Ruggiero, Director of Facilities / Plant Operations
Function: Oversees Facilities.

Office: Finance - Phone: 385-4202
Susan Nicholson, Director of Finance
Function: Oversees financial operations, payroll, and purchasing.

Office: Grants - Phone: 381-2061
Dr. Kevin Klemme, Grants Administrator
Function: Oversees administration of grants, early childhood initiative, and district consolidated grant.

Educational Support Services
Questions regarding any of the departments listed below should be directed to the appropriate coordinator or person responsible for the program.

Continuing Education (Adult Education) Coordinator- Jim Noga - 385-4270

Special Education Coordinator - Kate Ceriello - 385-4225

Special Education Coordinator - Karen Proto - 385-4225

Special Education Coordinator - Jennifer Alves- 385-4225

Special Education Coordinator - Aimee Boyle - 385-4225

Fine Arts/Health/Physical Education Coordinator K-12 - Dr. Brian Frazier - 385-4221

Literacy Coordinator PK-8 - Susan Schmidt - 385-4208

Guidance & Assessments Coordinator  - Joanna Najarian-Garb - 380-6749

STEM Coordinator 7-12 - Harold Greist - 385-4219

STEM Coordinator K-6 - Samantha Rosenberg - 381-2027

Equity, Inclusion & Engagement Supervisor - Yvonne Temple - 386-3114

Alternative Services – ALPHA - Kate Mascia - 385-4298

World and Dual Language/ESOL Coordinator - Denise Massari - 385-4244

SHS Department Heads
Humanities - Elizabeth Bourjaili - 385-4230
Math - Jillian Barnych - 385-4230
Science - Alison Lucas -385-4230

BHS Department Heads
Humanities - Kirsten Hardy - 385-4250
Math - Angela Swanepoel - 385-4250
Science - Tehmina Khan - 385-4250

Residence / Truant Officer - Michael Imbro - 385-4206

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent - Teresa Lycoudes - 385-4209