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Mrs. Cristina Hereford herefordc@stratfordk12.org Math
Mr. Dave Gorski gorskid@stratfordk12.org Science
Mrs. Susan Saylor saylors@stratfordk12.org Language Arts
Mr. Kevin Schock schockk@stratfordk12.org Social Studies
Mrs. Alyce Borgersen borgersena@stratfordk12.org Resource
Miss. Jen D'Andrea d'andreaj@stratfordk12.org Guidance

Test Prep

To prepare for a test properly you should do some of these things:
  • Create flash cards.
  • Study with a parent.
  • Study, then have someone quiz you.
  • Make an after school study group with a few friends.
  • Make up a study guide, then follow it.
  • Make up a study game, include points to win a prize.
  • Write up a fake quiz then exchange it with a friend.
  • Have a adult write up a quiz, then give it to you.
  • Study with a sister or brother.
  • Study ahead of time, not right before the quiz
If you get nervous before a quiz you should try these different methods:
  • Take three deep breaths.
  • Relax and clam down.
  • Say to yourself "I studied so there is nothing to worry about".
  • If you didn't study there is always next time and try your best.
  • Go over the study guide.

Here are some test tips:

  • Never cheat
  • Try your best.
  • If you don't know the answer skip it and go back to it.
  • Take an educated guess on a question you don't know.
  • Study well
If you take time at home to study you'll surely get an 100% on a test.

By Katie T.

Typed by Kayla C.