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• If a batter swings and misses or if a ball is hit into foul territory it is considered a strike. 3 strikes is considered an out. A batter cannot strike out on a foul ball.
• If a pitcher misses the strike zone it is considered a ball. Four balls is a walk.
• After you hit, drop the bat safely at your feet. It is not ok to throw the bat as hard as you want after hitting the ball.
• Running to first base, you may over run it to beat a throw. Run quickly and do not slow down until after 1st base.
• It is never OK to yell at the umpire during a game.
• When there are 3 outs, teams change batting/fielding positions on the field.

• If you catch a fly ball in the air, it is considered an out even if it is caught in foul territory.
• If two outs are made during one at bat, it is considered a double-play.
• If a ball is hit into fair territory, touched by the third baseman in fair territory, then rolls foul, it is a foul ball.
• A force is when, due to the batter who has hit a ball into play, a base runner is forced to advance to the next base. When there is no force, a fielder must tag the runner with the ball.
• If there is a runner on 3rd and no runners on 2nd or 1st, you must tag the runner on 3rd that is trying to score a run at home.