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  • o When setting the volleyball, you should use your finger pads for maximum control of the ball.
  • o It is best to use the set when the ball is above your shoulders.
  • o The forearm pass is also referred to as the bump.
  • o When performing a forearm pass, your hands should be connected and your arms should be straight.
  • o The first hit that should be performed after the serve is the forearm pass.
  • o The ball is considered in bounds if it hits the line.
  • o The name of the scoring system that is used for a volleyball game is Rally scoring. (Every time the ball is served, a point is scored.)
  • o A volleyball game is played to 25 points and you must win by 2.
  • o It is illegal to touch the net during game play.
  • o The maximum number of hits that a team can use before sending the ball over the net is three.