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Greetings athletes and families,

Here at Flood Middle School, we offer competitive after school athletic teams that compete against other middle schools in our area. Please see the information below to answer any of your questions.

1. What sports are offered?

-Fall Season (September to Nov): Boys and Girls Cross Country

-Winter Season (November to February): Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Dance

-Spring Season (March to June): Boys and Girls Track and Field

2. When is practice?

-Practice is held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 2:45pm-3:45pm. On occasion, coaches may schedule a Monday practice. See below for more info.

3. Transportation for practices?

-During practices, there are late buses that can take athletes home. Flood Middle school offers late buses for those who stay after school for any extra activity such as homework help, practice, etc. The 3:45pm late bus only runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If an athlete is getting picked up from practice, they must get picked up at the back entrance of the school near the tennis courts promptly at 3:45pm.

4. Transportation for games/meets?

-During games, Flood athletes will be transported to the contest using our district bus company. The bus will also drive them back to Flood after. On days where there is a contest, all athletes must be picked up at the back entrance of Flood near the tennis courts as the contest will end after the 3:45pm late buses. We will encourage athletes to communicate with home on when the team is expected back at the school. In the event of a home game, athletes will still need to be picked up as contests conclude after the late buses have departed.

5. Scheduled Monday Practice?

-Coaches may decide to add a Monday practice if need be. In this instance, a 5pm sports bus will be ordered and take athletes to their nearest Elementary school. Coaches will notify athletes and families in a timely manner if there is any needed Monday practices. Please note that this practice will last until 5pm and that athletes will walk home from their nearest elementary school.

6. Uniforms?

-Closer to their first contest, all athletes will be issued their sport specific Flood jersey/uniform. It is the responsibility of the athlete and family to launder and return this jersey/uniform at the end of the season.

Any further questions, please contact the schools main office or the coach of that sport season. Have a great year!