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Sport Registration

Family ID frequently asked questions...

What is Family ID?
Family ID is a web based application process that allows you to sign up for activities within a school system or organization. We, at the middle school level, will be using "Family ID" to sign up for athletic teams.

Why do we have to sign up for this?
Family ID is the same web based application process that both Bunnell and Stratford High school athletic programs use so as you create an account and fill out the information for a student, that info is securely stored for the ease of signing up for other sports within that year and or for years to come.

Do I need to fill out the same information every season?
The great thing about the online process vs the hard copy athletic packet is that you do not need to rewrite the same information every season! To sign up for other sports in the future, all you would need to do to register is to click on the sport you would like to sign up for! As always there may be the need to update the account you have created with expired or outdated information such as new athletic physicals, change of address, etc.

Why is only one season open to register?
Only current sports are discoverable and as we get closer to the next season registration will open for those specific sports.

How do I register?
If a student is interested in athletics at the middle school level, please create a log in for the athlete at http://familyid.com and follow the directions to register.

Trouble getting online?
Hard copies of athletic packets (comprised of the same materials from family id) are available but unfortunately they will need to be rewritten for each sport that a student tries out for. This has been our process for a number of years so families should attempt to register through family id so it can provide some time saving assistance in the long run.