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Eighth Grade Awards and Recognition

The Connecticut Association of Schools Scholar-Leader Award

One boy and one girl in grade 8

  • Cumulative middle school average of at least 85% or "B"
  • Active participation in school and community organizations
  • Citizenship
  • Positive influence on school climate,dependabilty,responsibility,character and integrity

The Secretary of the State's Excellence in Citizenship Award

  • Volunteer service to the community
  • Involvement in citizenship or character building organizations
  • Good scholastic record
  • Participation in student government programs or activities
  • Faithful school attendance
  • Leadership abilty to motivate others to action to benefit the community

Connecticut Association of Schools Student Leadership Award

Exhibits outstanding leadership qualities

  • Leads by example
  • Serves as positive role model for peers
  • Character based rather than academically driven

Flood MIddle School Principal's Leadership Award

Exemplifies the six pillars of character

  • Demostrates leadership qualities
  • Viewed as exceptional leader and school citizen by principal and staff
  • Character based rather than academically driven

Carlos Prada Memorial Band Award

  • Given in memory of former grade 8 band student
  • Student who exhibits qualities of enthusiasm, dedication, and responsibility

Presidential Gold Award

  • Flood Middle School Participates in the Presidential Award Program. Excellence Award qualifications for are: Students are to earn a grade point average of 90 on a 100 point scale for grade 7 and the first semester of grade 8. Students must earn high achievement in reading and math on state tests or nationally - normed tests.

Presidential Silver Award

  • Given by academic teams for improvement in attitude, work completion, effort, and /or dedication, commitment
  • Given by special area teachers(World Language, Reading, Music, PE, Art and PLTW) for excellence in subject area

CABE Student Leadership Award

  • Demonstrates leadership skills
  • Willingness to take on challenges
  • Capability to make difficult decisions
  • Concern for others
  • Ability to work with others
  • Willingness to commit to a project
  • Diplomacy
  • Ability to understand issues clearly
  • Ability to honor a commitment