Is an essential learning experience for all students at all grade levels, abilities, and backgrounds, so that they may confidently use, manage, assess, and understand technology

Provides the basic knowledge and technical skills needed to participate in society. It increases the economic capacity of nations and allows students to understand and apply advanced technologies so they will be prepared for either post-secondary education or entering the workforce.

Enhances the opportunity for students to develop career awareness or career path preparation.
It provides an exposure to a variety of technology related careers - from professional to industrial or service worker. The knowledge base learned through technology education is important to everyone as all members of society must continually learn in a changing society that is influenced by technology.

Provides for academic, technical, and social growth. It employs involvement with tools, machines, materials, and systems of technology. It enables all students to derive meaning from concrete experiences that result from the integration of mathematics, science, humanities, and engineering concepts. Through direct experience with a wide array of processes, knowledge, and contexts, it helps to develop technological literacy.

Provides a wholesome change in learners by enhancing the understanding of how technology is changing the human-made world and the natural environment. It allows learners to experience the activities and habits of a designer, scientist, technologist, engineer, architect, producer, historian, and social critic as they engage in technological problems and issues of the present and future.

Develops self-evaluation of attitudes toward constructive work and how this work can be used for health, recreation, or economic value. It helps to develop favorable attitudes toward creative thinking, and to character improvement -- knowing and making the most of one's environment.

Requires competence, compassion, a desire for excellence, and a vision from its educators.
Teachers must possess creativity, ingenuity, enjoy working with people, and maintain a high degree of personal and professional integrity