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Internet Do's & Don'ts



  • Have fun with the Internet.
  • Set limits for children's use of the Internet.
  • Establish guidelines for acceptable materialsand monitor sites visited.
  • Discuss and post rules for Internet use by thecomputer as a reminder and be sure
    to include consequences for breaking the rules.
  • Establish rules for ordering products online and carefully review credit card bills.
  • Warn children about possible online harassmentand misrepresentation.
  • Learn to evaluate a site for accuracy and validity. Many are designed solely to sell.
  • Complain to businesses and organizations that request personal information from children.
  • Consider some form of blocking or filtering software.
  • Know what information your Internet provider makes available to others.
  • DO NOT use your real name, address, telephone number, or photograph online.
  • DO NOT allow your child to meet face-to-face with someone met online unless you will be there.
  • DO NOT allow e-mail from an unknown sender to be opened; it may contain a virus.
  • DO NOT give out passwords or credit card numbers online.
  • DO NOT hand in material found online as your own work. That is plagiarism, which is illegal.
  • DO NOT tamper with or hack into someone else's computer. That is a serious crime.
  • DO NOT copy software you have not paid for or received written permission to copy.
  • DO NOT order anything offered "free" without parent's permission.