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Academic Programs

PTA Cultural Arts Program

The Stratford Academy PTA and its cultural arts program support the school mission through its commitment to enrichment of the school curriculum, spirit and culture through the arts. To guide the cultural arts program, the PTA developed a vision statement for the Arts with goals for the cultural arts program. The vision for the cultural arts at Stratford Academy includes the following goals: -To enhance appreciation, awareness and enjoyment of the arts-To provide school-wide performances and other cultural events-To expand cultural arts opportunities and enrichment for students during the school day-To increase involvement in the arts by students, faculty, parents and others

SMARRT - Students Modeling Amazing Respect & Responsibility Together

As part of the school’s PBIS System – Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports, the SMARRT program is a special enrichment and incentive program unique to Stratford Academy Johnson House. The program offers students in grades 3-6 a "choice reward" after the successful completion of their "Be a Bobcat" sticker chart. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a special activity in ART, PE, Music, or Library Studies outside their regular Specials classes. SMARRT is offered once each month during the regular school day.

Nature's Classroom

Participating 6th grade students spend three days in Nature’s Classroom where they are offered a unique educational experience. The program uses motivational learning and the outdoors for learning experiences that cannot easily take place in the traditional classroom. At Nature’s Classroom, children participate in activities such as examining life in lakes and swamps, investigating weather, colonial and Native American skills, making a movie, participate in confidence-building group challenges, and much more. The trip to Nature’s Classroom takes place in November.