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Dress Code



There is a definite relationship between appropriate dress, good work habits and proper school behavior. A great variety in dress and grooming is part of the school environment today. However, students are expected to maintain the type of appearance through the uniform dress code. Also, students should keep in mind that shoes and other items of clothing worn should not pose a safety hazard.



  • Long or short sleeve polo shirt, Oxford shirt, or blouse in plain navy, light (baby) blue, hunter green, kelly green, or white, must have a collar, no logo. T-shirts are not part of our dress code.
  • In cooler weather turtlenecks, sweaters, sweatshirts, vests, plain navy or white with or without hood, zipper or pullover style, no logo. (Turtleneck or collared shirt worn underneath sweater or sweatshirt must be dress code color).
  • PE days only:
    • Stratford Academy Spirit Wear t-shirts, appropriately sized t-shirts in solid navy, light blue, or white
    • (no advertisement/writing/logos)
    • -Dress code polo shirts may also be worn
    • -Stratford Academy spirit wear sweatpants may be worn on days the students have PE classes.
    • -Appropriately sized solid navy or khaki sweatpants and nylon running pants with or without thin stripes on
    • the sides may be worn on days students have PE classes. (No logo/No gray)


  • Navy or beige khaki pants, shorts, skorts, capris, jumpers, skirts, cargo pants (not oversized).
  • No blue jeans, denim or colored denim.
  • Leggings may be worn under a skirt or dress; they may not be worn alone.
  • Leggings must be one of the dress code colors: navy blue, baby blue, forest green, kelly green or white. (No gray, black, patterns, etc.)


  • Sneakers or shoes
  • No flip flops, backless shoes or chunky heels
  • All shoes must have a closed toe
  • Colorful socks/tights? Although solid colored tights and socks are preferred, students may wear slightly patterned tights or socks. The patterns should be subtle in pattern and color and should coordinate with the dress code.


  • Hats, caps, bandanas may not be worn in school