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Attendance Guidelines

Stratford Academy Johnson House

Attendance Guidelines and Procedures 2020 - 2021

Regular school attendance and overall student safety and well-being are vital for laying a strong foundation for success during the school year. Paying attention to attendance is even more essential this year, given the unique challenges created by COVID-19. Working together to nurture student engagement and develop regular attendance habits, whether school is offered in-person or remotely, ensures that students benefit from the learning opportunities offered. Ongoing tracking and monitoring of absenteeism allows schools to identify and take preventative action to address the attendance, engagement and safety needs of our students. Students working remotely must complete all work and participate in lessons just like they would be expected to in-person. If work is not completed and arrangements have not been discussed with the school administrative team and teacher, this will be reflected on your child's report card.


Attendance will be taken daily for all in-person and remote learners.

● In-Person Learners must arrive at school by 8:45am. If your child is absent you must call the main office [203-385-4180] to notify administration of the absence, even if they are working remotely that day. If you forget, your child will be marked absent and you will receive a call from school to ensure your child is safe. If your child arrives at school past 8:45am they will be marked as tardy.

● Remote Learners (distance learners & cohort students working remotely) must log on to their Google Classroom to answer the question of the day or attend their virtual meeting by 9am (method to be determined by the classroom teacher). If this does not occur, your child will be marked absent and you will receive a call from school to ensure your child is safe. Please contact the main office directly [203-385-4180] if there are extenuating circumstances and the school administrative team will develop a specific plan for your child.


● We are required by law to take daily attendance to account for all students enrolled at Stratford Academy Johnson House. Our Building Attendance Review Committee (BARC) reviews attendance concerns and implements the following interventions:

a. School personnel will contact guardians via phone call, email or virtual meeting. Teacher notifies the school administrative team of contact made and completes the engagement form, if necessary.

b. Additional support staff (school counselor, social worker, nurse, outreach specialist) contact guardians to provide support and assist with any challenges the student is experiencing.

c. Official notification letter sent from school administrative team. BARC virtual meeting scheduled with the family.

d. Official notification letter sent from school administrative team. Wellness check/home visit is made by school administration and support staff.

e. Official notification letter sent from school administrative team. Stratford Attendance Review Board (SARB) referral made and a virtual meeting held with community members and family.


● We often hear from families whose students did not check in to meet the attendance requirements but have completed the required work for that day. We want to reiterate that attendance and engagement/work output are two different issues. Engagement is our top priority and student’s completed work will be assessed accordingly. However, students must be present for morning meeting/attendance questions in order to be marked present for the school day. Our goal is have all of our students make their attendance meetings and be fully engaged in the class meetings/school work! Below is a matrix representation of the difference between attendance and engagement.


● Please call the school if your child is experiencing technical difficulties. Your child will be marked present and your teacher will look forward to connecting with your child later in the day when the issue has been resolved. In the case of a technical issue, parents can call our Helpdesk at (203) 381-6962 for assistance. Again, if your child is experiencing some difficulty that will prohibit them from checking in, please call the school immediately to let us know. It’s important that the school and home work together.