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Meet Our Staff

  • Jim Noga, Interim Coordinator for Continuing Education
  • Rebecca Figueroa, Head Secretary
  • Debbie Squezello, Part Time Secretary
  • Joseph Viscount, Program Facilitator
  • Melissa Schramm, Counselor
  • William Rogers, Security

The Continuing Education Office is located at Wooster Middle School
150 Lincoln Street Stratford, CT 06614

Tel. (203) 385-4270

Fax. (203)386-3163

Email: continuingeducation@stratk12.org

Mission Statement

The Stratford/Trumbull Continuing Education Department is responsive to the educational needs of the town's adult population. These needs vary from one individual to another, ranging from acquiring basic skills to receiving a high school diploma. The adult education program is mandated to provide this basic instruction by Connecticut General Statute 10-69, along with addressing the civic, cultural and vocational needs of the community.

The adult education program tailors its curriculum and teaching methods to match individual learning styles and capabilities, personal interests, goals, maturity levels, special talents and ethnicities. Through a flexible curriculum, it responds to the requirements of a changing world and a shifting population. Two essential goals of the program are:

  • To assist adults as they develop fundamental skills in fulfilling their basic education requirements.
  • To enrich the personal lives of adults by providing them the opportunity to address and satisfy their life-long educational needs, with a broad range of cultural, academic and physical activities.

The Stratford/Trumbull Continuing Education Department is committed to furnishing the residents of Stratford and Trumbull with educational programs which provide a high level of continuing education and personal enrichment at a reasonable cost to the Town of Stratford and its participants.