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Summer School

Summer school offerings for Secondary students are facilitated by the Stratford/Trumbull Continuing Education office. 











_____________________________________________________________________________Attendance Mandate: 

Students that are absent more than two (2) classes will not receive credit for that class. Four (4) tardies of fifteen or more minutes will equal one absence. Students are expected to attend school every day, therefore, vacations will not be allowed during this time.

Please note, that students should use their school email upon online registration. 

For questions please email: continuingeducation@stratk12.org or call (203)-385-4270

High School Summer School Course Recovery Policy:
For students in Grades 9 through 12 eligibility requirements are determined by school guidance and administration. Students successfully completing summer school courses will receive a passing grade for those courses but will not be included in a student’s GPA. 

Middle School Summer course Recovery School Policy: 
A student in grade seven or grade eight with a failing cumulative average in Language Arts and/or Mathematics at the end of the school year will be required to attend summer school*. Upon completion of summer school, retention will be recommended if it is determined that the child has not progressed to a passing level through his/her summer school course work and attendance. 

     *The retention policy may be waived this year