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Language Arts

Secondary students are required to take four years of English with the option of taking additional elective classes in senior mini-courses, journalism, creative writing, and yearbook. The English courses assist students in the development of their reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing skills in one-to-one and group situations in the classroom. Students are encouraged to evaluate and enjoy literature, short stories, novels, poetry, plays, and non fiction.

The major emphasis when dealing with literature is on the student's ability to master the common core standards as well as 21st Century Skills. Although classic and contemporary literatures are part of the standards, there is an emphasis on reading more informational text across all disciplines including science, social studies, math, and technology. There is also an emphasis on being able to write informational and argumentative text and to do research using a variety of print, digital, and visual media.

Courses are designed around AP, Honors, Level 1, Level 2, and non-leveled. Reading courses/tutoring are also offered to those students who need to improve skills in reading, fluency, and reading comprehension in grades 9-12.