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Careers and Interest

  • Overview
  • The School Counseling Department's has information available on two- and four-year colleges and trade and technical schools. Computers located in the Guidance Department have programs containing information on colleges, careers, scholarships, job placement, and financial aid form processing. Resource materials outline job outlook, salary, working conditions, lifestyles and education needed to quality for each career. In addition, reference books, videotapes, college admissions process, financial aid for colleges and preparing for the SAT/ACT are also available. Stop by and see your School Counselor for more information.
  • Career and Occupational Information

  • Career and Interest Inventories
  • Thinking about your future? Enter your Naviance Account (grades 9/10):Career Interest Profiler- For further information on specific careers click on the video links for Road Trip nation to hear from professionals in the field.