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Archery Participation Form



It is the objective of this unit to introduce the sport of target archery to the students of David Wooster Middle School. In order to do so the premise must be made that there is always a level of constant awareness given to issues regarding the personal safety and communal safety of all members of the class engaged in this activity.

By signing this waiver form I/we acknowledge that I/we have read and understand the Archery Safety Code* and the 7 Steps to Good Shooting**

I/we acknowledge the need to take responsibility for my actions during the archery unit and that at ALL times…ALL of my actions have an impact on my own personal safety and the safety of the other members of my class.

Therefore it is important for me to demonstrate proper Archery Etiquette by following the Archery Safety Code and 7 Steps to Good Shooting, and any other subsequent safety information that may be presented in class by your teachers.


PRINT: Student Full Name SIGN: Student Full Name DATE


PRINT: Parent Full Name SIGN: Parent Full Name DATE


* Archery Safety Code given to all students in written handout format

** 7 Steps to Good Shooting given to all students in written handout format

All documents are posted as wall charts in the gymnasium for student review and available on the PE website

Mr. McCallum email: mccallume@stratfordk12.org

Mrs. Piroh Email: pirohl@stratfordk12.org