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Locker Room Safety

Will My Belongings be safe?

Yes, if you lock your belongings in your assigned locker properly!

All students will be provided with a lock in order to store their physical education clothing in a small locker. Locks are available for students to use during the school year. Students may also elect to use their own lock. Students must report their combination and serial number or give a spare key to their teacher who will place in a master file.

If a student has misplaced or lost the lock they have been issued then they must report the loss to their physical education teacher. Students who fail to return a lock furnished by the school will be subject to a replacement fee at the end of the school year.

Do I need to take a shower after class?

No, you are not required to take a shower, however it is recommended that students bring in deodorant and a wash cloth to clean up after class.

Physical Education Class (Gym and Locker Room) Standards

Students are expected to follow all district and school rules and policies outlined in the Wooster Middle School Student Handbook.

It is the intent of this handbook to inform students and their caregivers of class guidelines, policies, procedures, safety standards, and class expectations we have for the students at Wooster Middle School.

All class (gym and locker room) policies, rules, and safety standards will be presented during the Physical Education Orientation Program conducted at the start of the school year, and will then be posted in the gym and locker room, and reinforced throughout the school year.