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Health Haven

Wooster School-Based Health Center

A family/school/community partnership dedicated to healthy chidren and adolescents.

The Health Haven offers medical and mental health services to all enrolled Wooster students, with no direct charge to families. The Health Haven is able to bill some insurance companies for financial support of the program. All enrolled Wooster students may use the Health Haven regardless of insurance coverage. Enrollment forms are mailed to parents in August. Forms are also available at the Health Haven or click each file below to download the forms.

Enrollment Forms: All of these forms need to be completed in order for you child to enroll:
Click here to download form.

7th Grade Transition Group

The 7th grade Transition Group will be beginning soon. This will be a small educational/support group (6-8 members) which will meet weekly for about five weeks. There will be two groups offered, both will be co-ed. It is only open only to 7th grade students, on a first come first served basis.

The purpose of the group will be to help new students adjust to the differences between elementary and middle school. The format will be primarily discussion and topics will include dealing with nervousness, time management, social skills, peer pressure, conflict resolution and coping with stress.

The groups will be led by Liora Lew, Social Worker at the Health Haven. The group meetings will be held on a rotating basis so students do not miss too much of any one class. Students are responsible for all classroom material missed during group and testing will take priority over group meetings.

Group participants will be referred by guidance and school staff, as well as through parental and self-interest. Students need to have a permission form signed by a parent or guardian.

This is a good group for students who want to make a positive start in this new school!

If you have any questions or would like to sign up for the group, please contact the Health Haven (381-6922).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the benefits of enrolling my child with the School Based Health Center (SBHC)?
The Health Haven is a school based health care facility, located at Wooster School. We are open for services during the school day. Our nurse practitioner is available to see your child for any medical services or treatment that the school nurse cannot provide. Some examples are: strep throat testing; medication for headaches and menstrual cramps; diagnosis and treatment of ear infections, colds and allergies; sport physicals, etc.). We also have a social worker available for counseling and mental health concerns.

Can my child use Health Haven even if we have medical insurance?
Yes. We provide free services to all enrolled students regardless of their insurance coverage. We do submit claims to some insurance plans. You will never receive a bill from the Health Haven for deductibles, co-pays, or any service not covered by insurance. SBHC’s are aimed at, but not limited to students who have little or no health insurance.

We have our own doctor. Can my child still enroll?
Yes. Many parents find our services convenient because some illnesses can be treated during the day and the child can remain in school. If a prescription is necessary, the parent will be notified of the diagnosis and treatment. The school-based health center mission is to provide access to medical care for all students.

What else does the Health Haven offer?
We offer short term educational groups throughout the school year. Some of these include: 7th Grade Transition to Middle School, Nutrition, Anger Management, Girls Health, Healthy Relationships. We have also coordinated school wide assemblies for the education and prevention of high risk behaviors.

How is the Health Haven funded?
We are primarily funded by a grant from the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health. We also have received some additional funding through the federal Community Development Block Grant. SBHC’s are able to file for reimbursement from the HUSKY Insurance Plan.

What have other parents said about Health Haven?

  • “I feel very secure in the fact that this service is available.”
  • “I enjoy all the benefits that the Health Haven provides.”
  • “I wish there was a Health Haven in all the schools!”

What do students say about Health Haven?

  • “They are very helpful and they take time to listen to what our problems are.”
  • “The people were very caring and gave me all the help I needed. I felt very comfortable too because they were so nice.”
  • “The lady at the Health Haven explained why it was important for me to have my flu shot because of my asthma.
    The Health Haven was great!”

How can I be more involved with the School Based Health Center?
Join our Advisory Board! It includes other parents, teachers, administrators, and community representatives.
We meet twice a year, to plan future programs..

150 Lincoln Street - Stratford, CT 06614
Phone: (203) 381-6922
Fax: (203) 381-6923
Email: sbhc@townofstratford.com

Girls Health and Empowerment Group

The Girls Empowerment Group will be a small (8-10 members), educational and discussion group offered to eighth graders. The purpose of the group will be to teach students about self-esteem, nutrition, sexuality, and decision making skills. Members will learn to make healthier choices for themselves.

The Health Haven Nurse Practitioner and Social Worker will co-facilitate the group. The group meets for eight sessions, once per week, on a rotating basis so those students will not miss the same subjects all the time. Students will be responsible for all classroom material missed during group times and testing will take priority over group meetings.

The group is open to all 8th grade girls who are interested in learning more about those topics. Upon successful completion of this group, students will be eligible to participate in the “Baby Think It Over” program during the spring!

For more information stop by the Health Haven office