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Student Report Cards

To help ease anxieties you may want to consider this advice on how to handle report cards.

  • DO review the report card in private and decide what you want your child to focus on before talking to your child.
  • DO start with any positives. Let your child talk about any of his or her successes
  • DON'T yell in anger. Even if the report card is not good, stay calm. Your child will not hear your message if you are yelling.
  • DO go over trouble spots and ask what happened. Let your child respond, and then develop a plan together.
  • DO celebrate a good report card.
  • Do something with your child, like getting an ice cream or a new book,etc.
  • DON'T humiliate a sibling whose grades may not be as good, by comparing your children.
  • DO ask about school regularly, and feel free to call or visit. Checking in keeps you from being surprised by report cards. Your child's Guidance Counselor is able to set up a team conference with your child's teachers to address any concerns you may have.
  • DO tell your child that school is important.

We all want your child to be successful. Together we can do wonders for your child.