Dress Code


There is a positive relationship between good dress habits, good work habits, and proper school behavior. Students are expected to dress appropriately for school. They must dress in a manner that is neither distracting to teachers and other students nor detrimental to the educational process of the school. Since styles of dress and grooming are constantly changing, the regulation of dress will be based on common sense and good judgment and in a manner that demonstrates respect for self as well as for others. If a student's appearance is judged to be inappropriate or unsafe by the school administration, a parent/administrator conference will be arranged or the parent contacted.

The six pillars of character should serve as guidelines for choosing attire.

A great variety in dress and grooming are part of the school scene today. However, the students must avoid extremes in fashion and dress in good taste. The dress code policy must be fully implemented in all schools. Chronic disregard for appropriate attire will result in suspension and/or possible expulsion.

Some Examples of Inappropriate Attire

  • Obscene, vulgar, offensive or suggestive clothing.

  • Outerwear, such as coats and all forms of headwear. (including hats, bandannas, hoods, etc.)

  • Unsafe - to also include footwear (students should be able to exit the building without difficulty in an emergency situation).

  • Footwear which marks or damages floors.

Also, specifically, the following are examples of inappropriate attire:

  • Bare midriffs

  • Spandex

  • Tank tops

  • Tube tops

  • Spaghetti straps

  • Sleepwear (including slippers) ·

  • Short skirts and shorts (mid thigh or longer are appropriate)

Special Events / Occasions: Students should dress in accordance with the type of dance being held (formal, semi-formal, casual, etc.) Other special occasions, such as awards and recognition programs should also reflect good judgment. Casual clothing should not be worn at such events.

This policy is to be enforced in each building by the professional staff.