Lordship Attendance Guidelines and Policy revised 2021

Regular school attendance and overall student safety and well-being are vital for laying a foundation for success during the school year. Paying attention to attendance is even more essential this year, given the unique challenges created by COVID-19. Working together to nurture student engagement and develop regular attendance habits, ensures that students benefit from the learning opportunities offered. Ongoing tracking and monitoring of absenteeism allows schools to identify and take preventative action to address the attendance, engagement and safety needs of our students.


  • Attendance will be taken daily.


  • School doors open at 8:30am and all students must arrive by 8:45am. 


  • If your child is absent, you must call the main office (203) 385-4170 to notify of the absence. If you forget to call, your child will be marked absent, and the school nurse will call guardians/emergency contacts. 


  • If your child arrives at school past 8:45am they will be marked as tardy.


  • The Building Attendance Review Committee (BARC) will monitor and track attendance concerns and work with families to support student’s well-being and attendance. If concerns continue the student may be referred to the Stratford Attendance Review Board (SARB).


  • If you need any assistance with your child’s attendance, please contact your child’s teacher or the main office. We have staff available such as our school psychologist, social worker and school counselor for support. 

Please reference Stratford BOE Attendance Policy for more information.