Student Registration K-12

Welcome to Stratford Public Schools Registration

At Stratford Public Schools we are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our students and their families. We want your experience transitioning into our school system to be the most it can be from the day you arrive to register your child right up to the day they are participating in the Graduation Walk and receive their diploma.

Our dedicated staff is experienced and is sensitive to your needs. Stratford has a lot to offer families. We are made up of thirteen (13) schools that work together in a uniform consistent manner to help each and every student achieve the academic success they deserve and require to carry them through life.  We are happy to offer an online registration system developed to help make the process flow as smoothly as possible for our new families.

Before you begin the Registration Process, we suggest you read the instructions below first so you will have all the items you need. You will be asked to submit these items as electronic files when you work through the required information online. Note: You will need a valid email address to complete the online process.