Dress Code/Uniform

Second Hill Lane 

“Dress for Success” Policy

Grades K-6

Clothing can be purchased at any store.   Non-logo clothes may be purchased anywhere.  Logo clothing is optional and can be purchased through our Sideline Store:

Students are expected to be in uniform every day. Staff will remind students of uniform expectations as needed, and students will be required to change if they are not dressed appropriately for school. 

Below are the school uniform guidelines:


  • White, light blue, navy, light pink or hunter green

  • Solid color short or long sleeve polo shirt, oxford/ button shirt, blouse or turtleneck. Shirts must have a collar with the exception “SHL” T-shirts.  

  • White, light blue, navy, light pink or hunter green sweaters, vests or sweatshirts - with or without hood.

  • Jackets are not to be worn indoors. 


  • Black ,khaki (tan) pants, shorts*, capris, skorts*, skirts*, or jumpers* (* length must cover two-thirds of the thigh)

  • On physical education day, navy, gray, black or SHL sweatpants/sweatshirts may be worn. A small logo or thin side-stripe is acceptable.

  • All bottoms must emphasize modesty and fit properly.

  • No jeans/denim or bike shorts are allowed. 


  • Sneakers, shoes, low heel boots are acceptable.

  • Flip flops, sandals, open toes, backless shoes, slippers, wheelies, and chunky or high heels are not acceptable for safety reasons.


  • Socks must be worn with footwear. No specifications for colors.

Outside Uniforms

  • Scout uniforms are acceptable.

Medical/Sensory Exception

  • Some children have sensory challenges that require specific fabrics and clothing types. Waivers would be granted with a medical excuse.


  • No articles of clothing will have writing on them other than a logo of appropriate size and location.

Accessories Not Allowed in School

  • Headwear inside school

  • Unnatural hair colorings

  • Cosmetics or make-up

  • Heavy, dangly, or extensive jewelry/chains/bracelets (no jewelry in gym classes)

  • Perfumes or colognes

Religious/Hardship Exceptions

  • If compliance with the Dress Code violates the requirements of an established religious group, or you cannot comply due to a financial hardship, please write a letter to the Second Hill Lane Principal stating the reasons. A meeting will be held to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions regarding school appropriate attire, please feel free to contact Ms. Pinto or Mr. Hicks at any time!