Hello and Welcome to Second Hill Lane Elementary School!

My name is Daniel Hicks and I have the privilege to serve as the Principal at SHL. We are a beautiful school located on Second Hill Lane and have been a part of Stratford Public Schools since we opened in 1955. We serve over 650 students in grades K-6 and are home to our district's ABA Program as well as the district's Dual Language Program.

At Second Hill Lane, we seek to provide an excellent education to every student who walks through our doors, and that begins with the way they feel at school. As a school that utilizes the RULER Approach, we believe that emotions matter, and work with our students and staff to ensure that we are emotionally equipped and prepared for teaching and learning.

At our school we speak often with students about showing pride in their school community. We demonstrate our #SHLPRIDE by living out the following characteristics: Do Your Best, Show Respect, and Encourage others. We believe that as citizens in society, these qualities will carry our students through any scenarios they may face.

We are always striving to be an inclusive and welcoming place that values each and every member of our school community. Through our words, actions, and mindsets, we hope to create and maintain this type of environment for all of our students. Our staff is incredibly passionate about their work and the community we serve.

Welcome to Second Hill Lane!

Mr. Daniel Hicks