Dual Language Program at Second Hill Lane

"I am so proud of all the success my child has had in the DL program!"

- Grade 4 DL Program Parent  

Second Hill Lane is the proud home of Stratford Public Schools' Dual Language Program. For the 2022-2023 school year, the Dual Language Program serves students in Grades K-5.

Dual language classrooms contain a mix of students who are English dominant with students who are Spanish dominant. This mix of students provides intensive interaction and learning. Kindergarten students who participate in the program do not have to be Spanish speakers. First through fifth grade students will be considered on an individual basis based on Late Entry criteria. The program teaches students to speak, read, and write in Spanish while maintaining a rigorous academic program in English. It is the expectation that students will participate in this program through the sixth grade in order to fully benefit from the approach.

Program Goals: ·

To promote academic instruction so that all students become bilingual and bi-literate through the implementation of the state and local frameworks and standards.

Students will achieve at grade level in the content areas measured in both languages ·

To provide students and staff with an environment that develops cross cultural understanding ·

To provide a variety of opportunities for positive interactions among families, sharing their cultural heritages.

What are the features of a 50/50 Model ? ·

Both languages are used equally for instruction at all grade levels · All subjects are taught in both languages at all grade levels beginning in kindergarten · All students develop literacy skills in both languages beginning in kindergarten Classroom A Classroom B 10 English-speaking students 10 ELs (Spanish speaking) students) 10 English-speaking students 10 ELs (Spanish speaking) students The distinguishing characteristic of all early immersion programs is the fact that half or more of the content of the grade-level curriculum is taught using the new language, without translation or re-teaching in the native language. Special techniques are used to insure that learners understand new concepts and also develop the language skills necessary to function effectively and independently in the classroom and in the wider target language (TL) context.

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