Cougars - Gr. 7

The Cougar Team teachers would like to welcome all our students and their parents to Wooster Middle School. Please use this site to find updates, events taking place in school and on our team, the 7th grade supply list, and more. Some teachers have great resources on their web pages, including helpful links, diagrams, and class notes, so please use them.

We expect our students to come to Wooster each day ready to work to their potential, putting 100% effort into their classwork, homework, projects, tests and quizzes. It is not required for students to purchase the materials on the supply list, but if a student comes to 7th grade with the necessary supplies ready to organize their academic binder with their teachers, they will be much more successful in their classes here at Wooster Middle School. If you lost the supply list, you can find it by clicking on the link to the left that notes "7th Grade Supply List".

By the second month of being in seventh grade, we expect our students to be adjusted to the demands of middle school and should know what we expect from them in each of our classes, including the school-wide expectation of following our Citzenship program. As the year progresses, middle school will become more challenging and demanding, so keeping on target with school work will help you be successful.

Please encourage your student to keep on target with their homework, projects, and studying for quizzes and tests. Being organized, like writing down the homework in the assignment pad at the start of each class, is key to being successful in middle school. Students should clean-out and organize their binders often, making sure to keep homework in the assigned homework folder, and subject area work in those specific locations in the binder.

We look forward to working with you and your families this year. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact the team teachers.

Meet Our Team

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Mrs. Ashley Moura Davis

Language Arts

Mr. Kevin Simon

Social Studies 

Ms. Jennifer Cline


Mrs. Anita Nuzzolillo


Mrs. Colleen Dobosz

Guidance Counselor